About me

I am an American citizen who grew up in Munich Germany, and have since lived in various cities across Europe and North America. I hold a liberal arts degree from Amsterdam University College, where I focused on the intersection of art - culture- new media/technology. 

I love performing, hearing new languages and I am always curious to ask smart people stupid questions. A storyteller at heart, I recently also started working in film, my work can be found here.

My mission as a coach

What I love about coaching is that you never cease to learn from the talented people whose thoughts you make flourish. My goal is to integrate my skill to structure knowledge and critically place ideas in a large context with my ability to write and experience in the performing arts (Stanislawski method). 

As American and native English speaker, I am particularly interested in helping people transcend the language barrier and be able to communicate to a global audience ( I speak fluent English, German & French).  I am particularly driven by is the increase of female voices in the public space. 

In general though I enjoy working with people from all walks of life. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, and although finding it can be a challenge, I am convinced that with the right support and amount of work,  you can accomplish all types of things - impossible as they might seem.