About me

I am an American citizen who grew up in Munich Germany. I have since lived in various cities, like New York, Paris and Amsterdam and today am based in Berlin.

I hold a liberal arts degree from Amsterdam University College, where I majored in Art & Cultural studies, but above all learned to write, be critical, and formulate ideas in a concise way.

I love traveling, working in international contexts and I am always curious to ask questions and learn new things.

A storyteller at heart, I also work as a film director. See more about my work here.

My mission

As American and native English speaker, I mainly help others transcend the language barrier and communicate to a global audience through writing, speaking or video content.

Next to my native tongue, I also speak native German, fluent French and basic Spanish, thanks to time abroad.

Many of the companies i have worked with are active in the tech and innovation field, such as Coya AG, Loomio, Jolocom, Ouishare. However, i enjoy working across various subjects and fields as well as with individuals. The important thing is to get your message out there - because whether company, organisation or individual, i believe that if you look at it the right way, there is always an exciting story to tell.