Take to the Stage

with confidence and ease


Take to the Stage

with confidence and ease

Presenting is easy.

In an ideal world.

But in reality most of us are too busy to prepare, we get nervous, or simply don't always have a clear idea of how to express what we want to say.

I can help you improve both content and delivery of a presentation.  

Together we can:

  • develop and refine your ideas

  • establish a core message and coherent line of thought  

  • create a compelling and original talk 

  • work on language delivery (especially for non-native English speakers)

  • improve stage presence with voice and body

  • rehearse talk and manage time structure


 Sound interesting? Check out rates, get in touch or ask for a free intro session.  

Bianca gave me the boost I needed for my high-pressure, TED-style talk. In a short amount of time she helped me feel comfortable with myself, discover my speaking style, and develop a talk that was precise and English-sounding. She’s a catalyst, a mirror, and a linguist all in one!
— Marguerite Grandjean, OuiShare